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Why choose water birth?

water birth, home birth, natural birth
Photo Credit: Megan Nicole Photography LLC

Did you know??

Water birth was first reported in a medical journal in 1805! How cool!


Water birth occurs when a laboring mother remains submerged in a tub or pool of water for the second stage of labor, or the birth of the baby. The mothers, partner, and/or skilled Midwives attending will gently guide the baby out of the water and into the mother's arms immediately following birth. Hydrotherapy has been well supported and encouraged to cope with the sensations of labor for some time, but there is still some disagreement in the United States within the medical model of care about the safety of birthing the baby under water (water birth).

"Finally, although more research on waterbirth is needed, current evidence shows that hospital “bans” on waterbirth are not evidence-based." - Rebecca Dekker, EBB

If you wish to have a water birth, be sure to ask about it and select a care provider/facility that has this option available to you. Most home birth Midwifery practices support water birth and offer birth pool/tub rentals either included in the total fee, or available at an additional cost!

water birth, natural birth, home birth
Photo Credit: Megan Nicole Photography LLC

Benefits Observed with Water Birth


Higher rates of normal, vaginal birth

Higher rates of intact perineum

Lower rates of episiotomy

Higher rates of birth satisfaction & comfort

Shorter labors

Lower rates of severe vaginal tears

Lower rates of postpartum hemorrhage


All the statistics and logistics aside, I believe it is also worthy to be reminded that babies begin in a fluid-filled world. Doesn't it make sense that being birthed into another warm, fluid-filled environment would make for a smoother transition for these new beings?!

Several studies have been conducted on water birth and none suggest an increased risk to mothers or newborns. In fact, most show just the opposite! Please check out this longer read of an evidence-based article about water birth.

If you have additional questions or concerns about water birth, please reach out to me! As someone who has experienced it twice, I would be happy to discuss it with you. Yours truly, Cassandra

Consider Home Birth. Hire a Midwife. Hire a Doula. You won't regret it.

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