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Why choose home birth?

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

December baby #6 came Earthside early yesterday morning, and I’ll be in awe of his mama’s bravery for days to come!

During transitional labor, she experienced a very natural and common response - she felt flighty. She needed to change positions a lot - almost after every uterine rush - and she changed rooms frequently.

As she moved from hands and knees on the floor… to side-lying on the bed… to laboring on the toilet… to standing in the shower… we praised and encouraged her to continue to listen to her body as she approached complete dilation.

The birth tray and crockpot for warm compresses in the photo I moved countless times throughout. We squeezed into tight spaces and contorted our bodies to reach her belly when it was time for intermittent monitoring of baby’s heart tones.

Why? Because we follow mama’s lead in home birth and Midwifery care. Where she goes, we adjust to. We don’t request changes (unless absolutely necessary for safety) or expect her to make things convenient/easier for us. We are there to serve her, and her family, wherever that ends up to be!

Pick a birth team who puts your wishes and preferences first. Consider home birth. Hire a Midwife. Hire a Doula. You won’t regret it.


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