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Sami’s Unmedicated Hospital Birth Story

"1 WEEK. and I still catch myself thinking woah, we made you. The family I always dreamed of.

I hesitated to share my birth story bc I remember during pregnancy birth stories would make me VERY anxious. Yet i loved hearing the empowering positive experiences. That was mine.

Vaginal unmedicated was my birth plan from the start, but I knew it doesn’t always happen as you’d like. I was ok with that.

However, I did everything I could to make my chances higher. Exercise, chiropractic care, doula support (ps everyone should have one). Labor- it’s a marathon and you need a coach. I wanted to know regardless what happened I gave it my all.

I labored for roughly 17 hrs. But felt like labor was only about 5-6 hrs.

I ate, showered, slept, and watched “This is 40” and some football with my husband during early labor. Once I switched to active labor I cont’d at home as long as I could until I knew it was time to go. It was some weird instinct, I just knew it was time.

We got to the hospital @3:45 pm and I walked up to OB ED all while refusing a wheelchair. I was 8 cm dilated. Stopping in the hallway for contractions. But then walked to my room.

I continued to labor with my husband and doula by my side on an exercise ball. Letting each contraction come as a wave crashing into me. I was strong. I felt very much in control.

I quickly got to 9.5 cm. And I started to fall apart. I wanted to give up, but the support I had around me knew I wouldn’t. I had to dig so deep, pain I’ve never felt in my life and surrender. This was no where near easy. Idk how many times I said, “I can’t do this. I want to be done.”’

My husband sitting behind me on the bed whispering in my ear “he’s almost here, you can do this babe.” Words I’ll never forget. My doula holding my hand and telling me, “You are safe”. My mom telling me “You are the only one that can do this.” A nurse staying over shift to witness the birth of Isaac.

Finally, @7:55pm I surrendered. We did it, I had the vaginal unmedicated birth I dreamed about for the past 10 months.

I became a new person. I became MOM. The birth of my child became the best day of my life.

So here’s to all the moms. Here’s to every birth unmedicated, medicated, epidural, c-section, vaginal. Whatever happens, mama know I’m cheering you on. You are the strongest person and birth will change you for the better."

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