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Aubrey’s Doula Experience

This first-time, young mama’s story of determination and trust is inspiring to us — we hope it is for you, too!

When asked what it was like to have the support of a doula, Aubrey wrote…

“When I found out I was pregnant, I did what most everybody does… call the OBGYN! I was extremely unsatisfied with the first office I went to. So, I switched. The second one wasn’t much better. Then, I met my doula. And that’s when everything changed. She talked about so many things I had never heard of and portrayed an attitude towards pregnancy I had never encountered before. She told me about Sacred Roots, a free standing birth center less than 30 minutes from my home.

I was so impressed with how she spoke of Midwifery care that I decided to give it a chance, and I am so glad I did. You can’t put a real value on the type and kind of support she gave.

Before birth she helped me form a birth plan and we talked about labor and what to expect and showed me all of the options I had. She educated me. She opened my eyes to how capable our bodies are at birthing all on their own. When the day came she was there as continual support providing counter pressure. Reminding me to breath. Showing my husband how to support me. Braiding my hair. Moving me to different places. Adjusting the pillows. Shoving water and food in my face so I could have the strength to finish. She told me to reach down and grab my baby. She told me YES you can when I was saying I can’t do this. She was taking me to the toilet to empty my bladder. She was holding my hand when I was sleeping in between contractions. She was telling my husband the baby was coming soon and to be ready. She was providing counter pressure during contractions and showing my husband how to do it as well! She provided some affirmation cards for the big day. It was so reassuring to have her there telling us everything we were experiencing was expected and normal. No uninformed pressuring. No unnecessary monitoring or interventions. Just confidence in mom, baby, and the whole process.

After baby was born we were constantly texting and helping me through the first stretch of postpartum. She was at my house helping Felicity latch and showing me different breastfeeding positions. Without her I wouldn’t have known she had a tongue tie and we probably wouldn’t be breastfeeding right now. I wouldn’t have come in contact with my amazing Lactation Consultant.

Overall, my experience would have been SO much different without her. I’m so grateful for everything she did for me and my family.”

During her first pregnancy, Aubrey desired an unmedicated, vaginal birth — where she felt in control and surrounded with love. She took the time to learn, made thoughtful decisions, and worked hard to meet her baby!

It was such an honor to hold space with this family. We’re forever proud of her and baby Felicity. ♥️

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