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Midwifery Care
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Her Story

"In 2015 my life changed forever. I became pregnant for the first time and chose a home birth after being exposed to the option and midwifery care through a friend. My husband and I prepared ourselves for labor, birth, and postpartum by hiring a doula, reading books, and receiving exceptional care and counseling from our midwives. We felt so supported and safe during our home labor and birth with our first daughter, Brynlee. We were just so blown away! The love and support continued during our postpartum period. Our doula and midwife became a part of our family, and we are still in touch with them now. In 2018 we welcomed another daughter, Alaina, at home. An equally supportive and transformative experience!

Following their births I began to support friends and family during their journeys. The overwhelming amount of people who were experiencing care that was not evidence-based and increased risk to them and their baby was shocking. My passion to support expecting women, their partners, and family through education and advocacy grew by the day. I became a Certified Doula and Midwife's Assistant, primarily attending births at home, but also in hospitals and the only freestanding birth center in Central Indy. I felt right at home in the assisting role and learned so much about the art and science of Midwifery from multiple home birth midwives.

At the end of 2021, after roughly 4 years of assisting midwives, I closed my in-home childcare business to pursue birth work full-time. In January 2022, I officially began my full-time Midwifery program through Southwest Technical College of Wisconsin and my full-time preceptorship with a local home birth midwife at Divine Birth Midwifery. After learning more about the birth culture and community in my state, I began a non-profit organization in May of 2022. My role as the President of the Indiana Birth Coalition is very important to me. Our mission is to increase access to out-of-hospital birth and midwifery care, reduce racial disparities in care and birth, as well as improve perinatal outcomes through education and advocacy. I have never felt more fulfilled than where I am currently as a student midwife, birth worker, mother, wife, and advocate!"

Cassandra has 12 years of experience supporting families as a childcare provider and early childhood education teacher prior to beginning birth work. She also was a Certified Babywearing Educator and volunteer with the Central Indiana Babywearers for 5 years, as well as served in a volunteer support role with a local breastfeeding group for 4 years.

Cassandra will become a Certified Professional Midwife and Certified Direct Entry Midwife licensed in the state of Indiana after completing her program in December of 2023 and finishing state requirements. She plans to open a home birth practice to provide high-quality, compassionate preconception-prenatal-postpartum care to families in her area, as well as home birth services. However, the demands of being a student midwife, enrolled in academic and clinicals full-time simultaneously, are heavy. Please consider donating to support her and her family as she works diligently and devotedly to improve birth experiences and hone her skills as a trained, competent midwife! Your donations will go towards expenses incurred while pursuing her education and completing a community-based apprenticeship, such as costs for gas, supplies, trainings, childcare, and books.

Thank you for your time and support!

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"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

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