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Founder | Doula | Birth Assistant | Student Midwife


Cassandra believes that birth is a sacred event not to be feared and with the right team, it can be an extremely joyous and empowering transformation. 

She has been working with families for the last 12 years as they navigate through early parenthood, attending births as support for the last 6, and has been working alongside our community's Certified Professional Midwives as a Birth Assistant for the last 4 years. Cassandra was first "bit" by the birth bug after the water birth of her oldest daughter in 2015 and found herself called to support families in birth spaces. She was the Owner of a popular in-home play school for ages 0-8, Sprouts Forest School, for 5 years before closing in December of 2021 to focus her energy on birth work full-time. In January 2022, she begins her first year as a Student Midwife! Cassandra lives in Avon with her daughters, many pets, and an incredibly supportive husband and partner of 12 years, Jason. She loves to spend her free time surrounded by family and friends.

As a mother of two, Brynlee (6) and Alaina (3) - both born at home with a skilled Midwife and Doula - she understands your desire for a safe, peaceful birthing and a calm, confident beginning to parenting. She knows the value of building a birth team that offers unwavering, personalized support. As an experienced Birth Worker, Cassandra is committed to helping you achieve your most precious goals.

Your body, your baby, your birth.

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Co-Founder | Doula | Birth Assistant


Lacey is a Birth Worker of 20 years and is extremely passionate about navigating birth from the lens of its physiological and ancestral beginnings. She believes that you were made for this moment you’re preparing for. 

Lacey began training to be a Doula as a young teen under a Student Midwife and attended home births with her for several years. She has known from the first birth she attended (as a 14-year-old girl) that birth work was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Lacey has attended and served women at full term births, miscarriage births, and still births. She also served as a volunteer doula on the military base her husband was stationed on from 2012-2015. As she grew her family, she took on the role of Doula virtually for many families while she and her husband moved around the country, answering their questions and supporting them emotionally through their pregnancies, birth and postpartum. She is currently training under a skilled Midwife as a Birth Assistant and is loving every minute of inching toward her lifelong goal of becoming a homebirth Midwife.

Having had her own births in the hospital, birth center and at home, Lacey is compassionate and has a well-rounded understanding of the birth settings offered to families. She is the mother of 4 children ages 13, 9, 7 and 4. Her final two born at home, her second in a birth center and her first in a hospital (all 4 with a Doula), she is passionate about home birth, the statistical favorable outcomes that come with that decision, and a more hands-off approach to birth. 

You have the power, she's here to remind you of that.

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“If you are first time parents or experienced parents, please consider hiring a Doula. It will change your life forever!”

Isaac Keim, husband of Aubrey

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Wherever you are on your pregnancy journey, it is never too late or too early to connect with professionals who will hear you, honor you, and support you holistically. We'd love to hear from you!

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